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What Makes Up The Engine?

Apr 09 2018 Published by under Automotive

Many people believe that the entire engine is just a big block that does all the work. That might be true, but what exactly is in this block that gets such a large machine to move and function?

Let’s start with the driver. The driver would apply the acceleration pedal. This pedal forces fuel into the combustion chamber. Depending on the type of car you have will depend on the type of fuel you will fill the tank with. In this case, we will be dealing with a petrol engine.

Once you force the petrol into the combustion chamber, a valve will open up to allow the combustible liquid into the cylinder head. There are usually two valves per cylinder head as there has to be an inlet and outlet for the car to move and transfer gases.

The valves will close and allow no extra air or petrol to enter whilst the piston compresses the petrol. After the piston reaches B.D.C or bottom dead centre, the spark plugs will ignite the petrol. The piston will then push the burnt gases out of the outlet valve ready for the next bit of fuel to enter its chamber.

Around each piston is a set of piston rings. These rings seal any spaces that could let in air and allow the piston to move smoothly. They also prevent oil from leaking from the sump into the combustion chamber. Each piston is linked to a connecting rod that gets attached to the crankshaft with a bearing.

The crankshaft will convert the pistons up and down movement into rotational movement. In other words, this is the part that makes the car move forwards and backwards. Each time time-aligned pistons go down, the crankshaft rotates.

The ignition system is connected to a timing system that sets off specific spark plugs at a time. In a four cylinder engine, it would be the first and third spark plug that ignites first and then the second and fourth plugs.

After the engine has gone through the cycle and reaches the fourth cylinder head, the second valve will open up thus releasing the gases to the exhaust manifold either going to a turbo or straight to the exhaust pipe.

The car has many systems functioning together to make it the ultimate machine. Apart from the engine, there is the braking system, the electronic system and the clutch system. Usually when you take your car in for a service, the mechanics would check if the car needs any clutch, engine or brake repairs before sending the machine off to the specific specialist.

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Cars, Exotic or Erotic?

Apr 03 2018 Published by under Automotive

Unless you live in a third world country or under a rock, everybody knows what a car is. By definition, a car is a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an external combustion engine, and able to carry a small number of people. THAT is the definition, but as people, we define cars differently.

There are three types of people car lovers, car drivers, and car riders. Car lovers are just that, they are in love with cars. From the speed to the design, and down to the shabby hood and seats on a Lexus ES 300. Car lovers do not discriminate and really appreciate luxury. Car drivers know the value of having a car (other than their feet). They know how to operate a vehicle and, maybe, even choose a great vehicle to purchase. Car drivers fantasize about being behind the wheel of a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro, but the majority don’t buy the luxury sports vehicles. Car riders, in my opinion, are either afraid to get behind the wheel or don’t know how to take control of the wheel. They lack the enthusiasm to think past the feel of the custom seats in an Aston Martin or the speed of an Ariel Atom. But, there is one thing that car riders do know, and that’s how to look good in the most exotic vehicle without touching the acceleration.

Although, car lovers, drivers, and riders see a different view from the mirrors everybody knows what a car is and has benefitted from them (one way or another), and everybody likes to look at a beautiful body (on a car), and love features that get their engines revved up.

People don’t want a car that is just a car. Sure, having reliable transportation is convenient, but honestly, who doesn’t like great features? When people shop for a vehicle they shop for a car that is fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, has great reviews, has 4WD/AWD, high in safety with easy handling, and last but not least affordable. Then there are the EXTRAS. The pay to play features. These cars have convertible roofs, 24Kt Gold trim, touchscreen infotainment systems, and holographic passengers to get you through the rideshare lane (I made up the last on.). But, seriously, Tesla has self-driving cars starting at $87,000. THAT’S INSANE! It’s a sad truth, but not everyone can afford to have these features in their cars. The cost of exotic vehicles is OUTRAGEOUS. If I owned an exotic vehicle, I would have to live, work, eat, and do ungodly things in my car to afford it. If it was fully loaded, it would cost about three life insurance policies and a contract with the devil.

This is what LUXURY/EXOTIC looks like (at least at the time that I did a Google search)

AMG G63 $140,000
Aston Martin Rapide S $204,950
Bentley Bentayga $229,100
Rolls Royce Wraith $315,700
Mercedes Maybach $576,000
Lykan Hypersport $3.4 million
Koenigsegg CCXP Trevita $4.8 million

Fortunately, there are opportunities for all to experience the exhilaration of pricey luxury cars without having to buy it. There are a number of places that provide luxury and exotic vehicle rentals with luxury customer service. So, whether you are on vacation, going on a date, or celebrating a promotion, you can look and feel great doing it.

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